Destination 2011: West Virginia

Destination 2011: West Virginia
The crew during a visit to the New River Gorge Bridge

Monday, March 14, 2011

We Made It!

Hi from Taylor :)   (a 4-year-old girl from SALS after school program wanted to say hello to all of you)

We are working with SALS (Southern Appalachian Labor School) in Beardsfork, WV. This organization has programs for youth in the area, and provides housing rehabilitation to homes in need. Today, we helped with a house rehab project for a 90-year-old man. We felt like real construction workers! Some of the projects we worked on today were replacing windows, putting in new doors, sanding and 'muddin' walls, and insulating the basement of the home. We worked with four of the members who are employed by SALS through the YouthBuild USA program. After construction, we came back to the after school program located at SALS home base and played games with students... including an intense game of kickball! Tonight, we are going to make some gourmet grilled cheese with tomato soup - boy are we hungry after a long days work! 

Until tomorrow, 
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  1. Sounds like you have all been busy! Please tell Taylor "hi!" from me. I bet the after school program is a lot of fun; who doesn't love an intense game of kickball:) Thanks for sharing your experiences with us. Look forward to hearing more. Happy serving and learning!

  2. Thanks for sharing your progress! I am excited to hear more about your week!