Destination 2011: West Virginia

Destination 2011: West Virginia
The crew during a visit to the New River Gorge Bridge

Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Beautiful Day in a Beautiful Place

   Starting off with a full pot of coffee we got ready for the day ahead. Finally sunny outside, we headed for the housing rehab project we've been working on for the week at full speed. Today we finished putting in all new windows in the home, 'mudded' the walls with plaster, and tried to finish up all other odd projects around the house to make everything come together. As we've been working more with the SALS crew the level of appreciation of each other has grown and we are having a blast working with the team at Berta's home. The day turned through a loop when we got the opportunity to have one of the workers take us on a long lunch to the New River Gorge Bridge, the longest arch bridge in the northern hemisphere, and third largest in the world. We hiked down a mountain and felt accomplished with the photos we were able to take, along with a great appreciation of nature. In honor of Saint Patrick's Day, we are wearing our green 'Destination' t-shirts and going out for a night on the town enjoying a dinner at a local restaurant. We can't believe tomorrow is our last day and we will yet again be on an 18-hour road trip back to our lovely Wisconsin, and 'the riv.'
   Collectively, as a group we have learned more than we ever expected during this trip. We have all gained a great appreciation for the things we have available to us. The ability to go to school and get an education is something none of us will ever take for granted again. The residents of West Virginia are strong minded and intelligent people, despite the shortcomings they have to go through due to poverty. Being able to speak with them and listen to each individual’s story has opened our eyes in more ways than one. From the kids at SALS afterschool program to 91-year-old Berta we have gained a lot of respect for each individual and this state as a whole.
   In the words of Berta, “If you impact one person in your life, then your life is complete.”
We hope to have impacted some people in West Virginia, and we know they sure have impacted us.

See you in Wisconsin!
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  1. I love Berta! I hope that you have a photo with her form the trip! Can't wait to hear all that you learned in person in a week.